Ascension School- Annual Subscription Program

Activate Your Shamanic Superpowers

Master your own unique magic and let me show you my favorite and most transformative shamanic healing tools. Learn how to create more joy in your life, deeper connections to self and spirit, and activate your True Superpowers.

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We Explore Trainings On:

  • Healing Your Chakras
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Protection and Cleansing
  • Manifestation
  • Mastering and Activating Your Shamanic Soul
  • Space Clearing
  • Energy Protection

So will you join me in a new journey to ASCEND into Your Magic?


Look at what

my TRIBE is saying

about my courses in Ascension School...

I've felt tremendous shifts within myself and in my life since working with you through the program, and I really am excited for all the shifts and healing to come.”

- Lorena, CT

“Truly Transformation allowed me to slow down, and carve out some time for myself in my busy schedule, to ask the important questions, and listen with receptivity to what my inner being was trying to tell me about my blocks to love. Since joining, I have become more open to dating with a positive attitude, and have met a special person in a magical and synchronistic way. The amount of content was amazing and very thorough!”

- Briana, NYC

“I definitely noticed some major shifts in my life, which came in very subtly but powerfully. I felt as if it was a seamless blend of spiritual practices into everyday life. The course was a deep healing experience, in addition to being a learning experience. Truly Transformation helped me become more grounded, believe in my own power, and helped me get clear about my long-term career and life goals, which I needed since I previously had no idea which direction to go.”

- Cynthia, NYC


Courses Included with Purchase

Truly Transformation
Ancient Tools to Awaken Your Intuition and Activate Your Superpowers
Kristen Von Foxx
How to Protect Your Energy
Energetic Hygiene for the Empath, Healer and Energetically Sensitive Human
1 Course Bundle
Manifesting Your Heart's Desire
Creating Ritual to Materialize Your Dreams
Kristen Boyer
Healing and Balancing Your Chakras
A Powerful Shamanic Healing Session to Revitalize Each Chakra
Kristen Von Foxx
Clearing and Protecting Shamanic Healing Session
Clear Negative Energy Out & Call Protective Forces In!
Kristen Von Foxx
Space Clearing Ritual
Completely Shift the Energy of Your Space in Under an Hour!
Kristen Von Foxx

Original Price: $3,995


Your Instructor

Kristen Von Foxx
Kristen Von Foxx

Shamanic practitioner, author and speaker, The Shamanatrix, Kristen Von Foxx empowers individuals who’ve been affected by trauma to reclaim their power through an ancient healing modality called soul retrieval. She combines psycho-therapeutic practice, holistic nutrition and art therapy with shamanic healing techniques from indigenous societies to assist individuals in personal transformation. It’s become Foxx’s personal mission to educate, inspire, and empower those who’ve been touched by all forms of trauma to reconnect with their power through the use of indigenous wisdom and healing.