How to Protect Your Energy

Energetic Hygiene for the Empath, Healer and Energetically Sensitive Human

Are you an empathic person sick of feeling swayed by other people's energies around you? Have you ever picked up unwanted energies simply by going out for a fun night out, at the office or in a crowded place? Did that encounter leave you feeling heavy and energetically drained? Did you shift out of your light, positive outlook to feel perturbed, sleepy or out-of-sorts? Or maybe someone splattered their anger all over you and you feel crappy now and can't seem to shake it.

Then you know how crappy it feels when you pick up other people's ju-ju.

In How to Protection Your Energy you'll learn all the tools you need to protect yourself and your space so that you don't have to spend tons of time and money trying to clear yourself over and over again. Instead, you'll have all of the protection tools you'll need to keep up sound psychic hygiene so you can feel better immediately as your own energy expert!


"Before taking this course, I was struggling with feeling, stressed out, pushing myself too hard, suffering with a lot of negative self-talk and beliefs about where my life was headed. After practicing the shamanic journeys, I discovered my own metaphorical and visual vocabulary for organizing my energy and how I was feeling inside. This made me much more aware of my boundaries and I felt empowered to be able to discern what was my energy and what I was taking on from other people. After completing the course I also had some major breakthroughs in my business. I highly recommend it!"

- Briana MacWilliam


In this course you'll learn:

  • Meditation Techniques to Clear Out Unwanted Energies
  • Un-hook Yourself and Protect Yourself from Energy Vampires
  • Grounding Exercises to Keep You Rooted in Your Power All Day, Everyday
  • Methods to Fortify Your Energetic Field
  • Tools to Protect Your Home and Work Space from Unwanted Energies
  • Protection Rituals Specifically Designed to Protect You in Any Situation
  • How to Clear Out Unwanted Spirits and Energies from Your Space
  • How to Unravel Curses and Conflicts
  • How to Access Your Akashic Records to Clear Challenging Relationship Energies
  • How to Re-write Challenging Soul Contracts
  • How to Work With the Elements and Moon Cycles to Clear and Protect Your Energy Field
  • How to go on Shamanic Journeys to Meet Your Protection Guides, Receive Protective Shields and Armour and Divine Information About How Your Can Best Protect Your Energy
  • Guide on What Crystals You Can Use For Protection and How to Work with Them

"I live in an apartment in an old New England house. I knew my space felt weird and friends who came over noticed it as well, especially in one area of the bedroom, there was something that was just always there and it was kinda creepy. I burned sage regularly, and palo santo, but still the stuck energy wouldn't move. I was sensitive enough to feel it but had no idea how to clear the space. Since doing the incredibly easy steps my space has felt great. No more creepy feelings like something is watching me when I sleep. I'll be sure to use this when I move in the future, and can't recommend it enough!"

- David, Brattleboro, VT


This Program is Right for You If:

  • You’re Energetically Sensitive & Empathic
  • You Work with Clients who Drain You
  • You Attract People Who are Suffering
  • You Want to Help People
  • You Want to Feel Safe to Step into Your Power

No more burn out…
No more carrying the burden of your whole entire family…
And…No more heavy energy keeping you from feeling happy, inspired and free to do the amazing work you’re here to do!

Does that sound good to you?

The BEST PART is we make this energy stuff easy to understand and all of the exercises we’ll be teaching you are tailored to your energy so you discover new ways of stepping into YOUR authentically awesome vibration while MAINTAINING that vibration no matter what!


"I was very impressed with the shamanic journeys and found a power animal who guided me to solve an ongoing issue setting boundaries with a particular person in my life with an answer I didn’t expect!"

- Emi, New York

Your Instructor

Kristen Von Foxx, The Shamanatrix
Kristen Von Foxx, The Shamanatrix

I empower women ready to embrace their true purpose, activate their soul's superpowers, and awaken their intuitive gifts so they can radiate their brightest light into the world and live the full and abundant life they've always desired.

It’s my mission to inspire and support women with the calling to RISE-UP into the best version of their goddess-selves, learn ancient shamanic healing techniques, reclaim lost energy, and shift old, unwanted patterns while discovering their soul's path to achieve deeper clarity, confidence, and trust in their own unique soul's path.


Course Curriculum

  Module 4: Clearing Out Your Energetic Field (Part 1)
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  Module 11: Asking for Help
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days after you enroll

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Space Clearing Ritual
Completely Shift the Energy of Your Space in Under an Hour!
Kristen Von Foxx, The Shamanatrix

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