Healing and Balancing Your Chakras

A Powerful Shamanic Healing Session to Revitalize Each Chakra

Chakras are the energetic vortices in our bodies that allow our energy to be balanced, give us focus and momentum and help us move forward in our power...

That is if they're all working healthfully and properly.

But when trauma happens, we get into a rut. If we have developmental challenges as children our chakras get blocked. The energy that would normally and naturally flow through them gets stuck and our energy gets stuck.

And what does a stuck chakra look like?

Well, we might have trouble feeling stable and secure (root chakra), find blockages to attracting financial abundance (root chakra), we may feel like we don't have the courage to stand up for ourselves (solar plexus chakra), or we may feel like we can't communicate effectively (throat chakra).

The good news is there's a solution to healing the chakras which I offer to my clients in one on one healing sessions, where we use shamanic journeying and the power of shamanic healing to unblock and balance each chakra.

When your chakras are free and clear, energy can flow throughout your body and your energetic centers can communicate effectively with one another. Manifestation of your desires, communication, self-confidence, creativity and inspiration can flow through you easily and you can get much more done and feel happy and balanced.

That's why I created this Chakra Balancing and Healing session so that together we can go into each of your chakras, find and clear imbalances and get your energy flowing through your body mind and spirit like never before!


Your Instructor

Kristen Von Foxx
Kristen Von Foxx

Shamanic practitioner, author and speaker, The Shamanatrix, Kristen Von Foxx empowers individuals who’ve been affected by trauma to reclaim their power through an ancient healing modality called soul retrieval. She combines psycho-therapeutic practice, holistic nutrition and art therapy with shamanic healing techniques from indigenous societies to assist individuals in personal transformation. It’s become Foxx’s personal mission to educate, inspire, and empower those who’ve been touched by all forms of trauma to reconnect with their power through the use of indigenous wisdom and healing.


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